What Is IGTV And Can We Download Its Videos

Using an Instagram video downloader, one can download the IGTV videos and other content available over the tool. This downloader is available online and has no costs involved.

IGTV is Instagram answer to its rival YouTube that primarily is a platform for video creation and sharing. Instagram allows clicking photos, creating videos and uploading images and pictures to keep the audience updated about the everyday’s happenings and newer upcoming projects. This tool has become an online hub of the celebrities and common people where they exchange ideas and express through photos, comments and discussion threads. When you go offline, you should not deny yourself the access to Instagram content. It is better to use Instagram video downloader that offers you offline access to all the favorite posts of yours and others.

How IGTV downloader can be used

IGTV downloader and Instagram downloader are the same. This downloader is nothing but a website that you can access just by opening a tab in your browser and typing its URL. It is same as any other website and can be bookmarked for faster access. The tool is provided with a text bar where you type the Instagram profile URL or video URL or post link. The link is then downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ button which is placed just next to the bar.

The main steps for downloading IGTV videos are:

  • Go to Instagram account and reach the video of your choice.
  • Open a new tab and type the downloader web address
  • On the home screen of the downloader, paste the video URL or profile URL on the text bar
  • Click ‘download’ for saving Instagram videos
  • Select the format and quality from the list given

This sums up the process applicable when you want to save Instagram videos.

Benefits of using Instagram download tool

Instagram download tool is applicable for all types of social media platforms. It can download videos from Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all other popular video sharing platforms. The other benefits are:

  • It can download all types of contents such as videos, stories, photos, user albums, pictures, images and so on. 
  • The videos can be converted into a wide variety of file formats such as MP3, MP4, etc. which are compatible to both Windows PC and Mac. In addition, the quality of videos such as SD, HD, etc. can also be chosen to conserve space or as per the requirement.
  • The Instagram story download is used to create personal content library in the devices. From there the content can be accessed offline too.
  • The downloader allows unlimited downloads without any payment of fee. You can type the profile link or username preceded by @ to get all the posts of all types from any Instagram account open for public access and get the content at one place. You can select similar post types to download in batches.
  • The downloaded content can be shared on other multiple platforms. Since you cannot share the videos or story directly from Instagram, you can download them first to capitalize the reach to other platforms.

So, use Instagram download too when you require a back up or offline copy of the content that you like on this platform. 

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