Is Instagram Downloadr App The Best Online Instagram Story Downloader?

Are you looking for how to download Instagram stories to android or iPhone device?

Here we have solved your problem thoroughly and no more confusion left on your mind. 

Instagram downloadr is a free online tool to download Instagram stories, videos, photos, pictures, posts, profile pictures, DP, and stories along with IGTV videos for free. The main benefits of using are listed below:

  • Unlimited download: It can download endless stories, videos, photos, images, posts, and profile pictures.
  • No Sign Up Required: It does not require any signup or registration.
  • 100% Free Tool: There are no registration charges or not even any other charges to downloading stories videos or any other thing from Instagram. It is 100% free.
  • Support All Browsers: It supports all types of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer, etc.

How to download Instagram stories for any site?

Below is a guide that explains to the users how to download a story from Instagram.

1. Visit an Instagram Profile from where you have to download and save Instagram stories.

2. Copy the URL/link of the Instagram profile.

3. Paste the copied Instagram profile URL to the URL field of Instagram story downloader.

4. by a single click on the “Download” button to download an Instagram story.

Best apps to download Instagram photos/videos/stories:

1. Instagram downloadr:

It is the best free online tool for downloading Instagram stories, photos, videos, posts, profile pictures, and stories. By using this Instagram video downloader site, you can download any photos or videos in a short time. It has an easy interface to use and supports various online websites.

2. Fast save for Insta:

It is also the best Instagram downloader app for downloading videos or photos. It can save Instagram photos or videos directly to the android smart phone. It has above 10 million downloads on Google play store. By using this, you can save any pictures or videos from Instagram.

3. Inst download

This app is another Instagram downloader app Android 2020. You can download it from Google play store, and by using this app, you can save your Instagram stuff in a few seconds.  

4. Quicksave

This app is also great for downloading Instagram photos or videos. It has one million downloads on Google play store. You can connect your Wi-Fi and download this app and downloading the favourite Instagram photos or videos. 

5. Story saver for Instagram

It has the facility of downloading Instagram stories directly to a user’s smart phone to save and repost them by only a single click. This app has more than one million downloads on Google play store.

6. Video downloadr:

It is one of the best sites for social media downloads. If you want to download Instagram photos, videos, and stories to your phone and wish to save it on the phone, then this is the best site to rely upon. 

It is easier for you to download any videos from the above list. One can easily use the sites and download not only social media videos, pictures but also supports other various websites. 

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