Want To Save Videos From Instagram To PC - Here’s How

Summary: Wanting to save or download videos from the Instagram to the PC is a common feeling among all Instagram users. But most do not know how to do the same. Check out below.

Downloading and saving videos from the Instagram onto a PC or a desktop can be actually done in two ways. Anyone of the methods is equally effective and since Instagram does not provide any tools like the Instagram profile pic downloader or any other video downloader, either of the two methods needs to be mandatorily adapted if the user wants to download Instagram videos.

1st method

This method helps to save Instagram videos on the PC using the source code of the relevant page. In order to do the same, the following steps need to be followed:

  • • In order to obtain the Instagram video page source code, the relevant video needs to be opened and the tab saying “Inspect element” selected by right clicking on it.
  • • The Ctrl+F feature on the keyboard needs to be pressed which opens the Find feature.
  • • In the blank space “.mp4” needs to be entered upon to reach the right part of the code to download the video without having to use an Instagram user album downloader.
  • • The link provided beside the “src=” and ending with “.mp4” needs to be copied and the paste the same in a new tab.
  • • Right-clicking on the video and selecting “Save video as...” will immediately start downloading the video onto the desktop/laptop/PC.

2nd method

A third party app known as the Instagram downloader needs to be used to download the IG videos and save the same in your PC or desktop. This process becomes very easy after that and the steps which need to be followed to download the Instagram videos and save the same on your PC are:

• Click on the web browser you use and select, download, install and open a third party Instagram downloader app. This is the first step of this process. The download is not completed till the app is installed in your PC.

• Then the user needs to open Instagram on the PC using the Instagram Web and the video that he/she wants to download, needs to be searched for and opened.

• This will open the video and once the same happens, click on the options icons on the top right corner. The options which you will see are:

  • o View which enables the viewer to see the video,
  • o Share link which enables users to share the video link with others and
  • o Download which enables the Instagram video downloader to save the video onto the PC.

• This download option needs to be selected and clicked so that the video gets saved directly onto the PC.

In fact the second method not only downloads videos but it is also able to download interesting stories put up by other users. The downloader, however, is different and for downloading stores, the Instagram story downloader is required.

Similarly photos can also be downloaded directly from the Instagram account onto the PC using the above method. Herein too the downloader used happens to be an Instagram photo downloader, which is just like a video downloader but it downloads photos onto the PC.

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