Top 5 Sites To Download Instagram Videos For Free

Instagram is the most popular dedicated image and video sharing site in the world. Its one minute videos are especially a great medium to tell the world your story in short. However, it is quite a hassle when it comes to someone wishing to save that story for viewing later. This is because there is no built-in provision for Instagram download of videos directly from the app or website.

That, however, does not stop anyone from downloading them though. The Internet is filled with such websites or apps that allow one to easily save Instagram videos to their local storage. One can do it directly from the web browser, from an Instagram video downloader application or an Instagram downloader website. All these methods are quite easy to use. However, if you download Instagram videos only occasionally and do not want to download any resources permanently for this purpose, your best bet is an online Instagram downloader.

Below, we have enumerated some of the most widely used and popular Instagram download sites:

  1. Instagram Downloadr - It is extremely popular among Instagram users because of the fact that you get everything under one roof. Not only can you download Instagram videos, Instagram Downloadr also allows you to download images, stories, albums and IGTV videos from the same page. It is truly a very versatile tool for any kind of Instagram download. Not only that, it is also available in a number of languages, making it a truly universal site for Instagram downloads.

  2. - This site is not exactly just for Instagram: it can download videos from a large number of video-sharing sites and apps and Instagram is one of them. On top of that, it is also available as a web browser extension for easy and convenient download of videos from Instagram as well as other sides. This site is only for video downloading, so it has a straightforward interface and is easy to use.

  3. - Downloadgram is able to download Instagram videos, photos as well as IGTV videos. Its beautiful moving background instantly catches a person’s eye. It is so simple, even a newbie can use it. All one has to do copy and paste the URL in the search bar and press Enter. They download link will be provided in seconds.

  4. - The best thing about this Instagram downloader is that it provides a preview of the video that you have given for download, allowing you to see before downloading if that is the actual video you wanted.

  5. - This site is extremely useful for anybody who is a serious user on Instagram. It goes without saying that it can download high-quality Instagram videos to your device. On top of that, it also has tools for generating search optimized hashtags for both Instagram and Twitter as well as analyzing the activities and progress of Instagram analysers. It can also download videos from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Using these online Instagram video downloaders are absolutely safe. They are fast and reliable. However, do make sure that the owner of the video has consented to the saving and sharing of the video,or you might be infringing copyrights and licenses.

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