Top 10 Free Instagram Photos Or Videos Downloader

Instagram in today’s world is a photo album for the millennials. It captures moments, sceneries, actions, people, art, poetry, music, and whatnot in a span of nanoseconds and keeps it with you for as long as you want. People talk of art through Instagram. Art captured in photos is Instagram for you. Instagram is a hub-spot for more than 40 billion photos and videos with more than 95 million photos being shared every day. At times, some applications and online tools charge you to download Instagram photos and videos. But there are a few applications and online tools which can help you download Instagram photos and videos free of cost.Let’s find out, shall we?

  1. Instagram Downloadr: Here you can download Instagram photos or videos absolutely free. Just copy the username of the profile whose content you want to download and paste it on the text bar to download. You can download stories, profile pictures, user albums as well as IGTV here.

  2. QuickSave: Most favourite and 100% free app that can help you download Instagram photos and videos, also help you repost and share with other applications. Just copy the link of the Instagram photo or video you need to download and save it to your device.

  3. Dinsta: You can download Instagram photos and videos to your PC or mobile or Mac as well as absolutely free of cost. You just have to enter the Instagram URL on the text box and click on ‘GO’ button.

  4. DownloadGram: Here you can download Instagram photo, video or IGTV absolutely free of charge. You just need to copy-paste the link from the username you want the content from.

  5. FastSaveForInsta: This is one of the most loved applications for saving photos and videos from Instagram. It can save multiple photos and videos for free and forever.

  6. 4K Stogram: Here, you can download Instagram photos and videos for your PC, Mac, Linux, or mobile. You just need to enter the Instagram username, hashtag or location for downloading absolutely free.

  7. SaveFrom: This is an online tool for downloading Instagram photos and videos in SQ,HD and Full HD quality in MP4, 3GP, WEBM or other formats free of money.

  8. Repostly: This application is specifically used for downloading Instagram photos and videos for iPhone users free of cost. Just copy-paste the link here. You can repost unlimited photos here with the original caption.

  9. GramSave: This online tool can help you download Instagram photos, videos and stories as well free of charge. You just have to go to the Instagram website, open the photo or video you want, copy the URL from the Instagram profile and paste it here.

  10. InstaSave: Here, you need to enter the URL to the Instagram account you want Instagram photos or videos from and click on the ‘submit’ button for free of charge. This online tool works perfectly for android users and provides video link on iPhone devices.

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