Steps Involved In Copying Instagram Videos On The IPhone

Summary: Even though iPhone does not allow videos, photos etc., to be downloaded from Instagram, there are methods to do it; provided one knows how to. Let us get to know the options and the steps involved.

Be it an Android Smartphone or the iPhone or even the PC, Instagram offers no official method for downloading videos, photos or even stories. It does not even offer an Instagram profile pic downloader so that profile pics can be easily downloaded and saved. For people with iPhones, the woes are even bigger since security policies adopted and incorporated by Apple disallows videos from getting downloaded from any third party website. But what can’t be achieved by native means it can be achieved with the help of something known as the “Shortcut”.

Installing shortcuts onto the iPhone enables it to run certain complex but useful tasks automatically. Thus in order to be able to download Instagram videos, it is only a matter of downloading and installing the correct shortcut; which in this care might be an Instagram user album downloader or even a photo or video downloader.

Once the shortcut is installed, it is only a matter of few clicks that your favorite Instagram videos will get downloaded and saved onto your iPhone. The steps which are involved in the whole process are:

• Add the relevant shortcut: This can be done by initially tapping on the shortcut link from the iPhone. This opens up a screen wherein the “Get Shortcut” option needs to be chosen. Users would then be prompted for confirmation on whether they want to auto save videos. Clicking on the yes tab enables all downloaded videos to get saved without the user having to prompt the device. After this the “Continue” tab needs to be selected along with the language preference and the required shortcut starts to download. When the downloading is over, the tab showing the command “Done” needs to be selected and the third party Instagram video downloader gets downloaded onto the iPhone.

• Select your favorite Instagram video: On completion of installation of the shortcut, the relevant Instagram video needs to be selected from the Instagram website. Videos which can be downloaded are from the feeds belonging to a certain user, or celebrity, comedy, entertainment videos, or an IGTV video. However, in order to download Instagram stories, one would need an Instagram story downloader.

• Download the selected video: There are 2 distinctly different yet equally effective methods of downloading the videos. They are:

o Method 1: In this method after the video has been selected:

  • • The ellipsis for the same needs to be tapped upon.
  • • Then the tab “Share to...” needs to be clicked.
  • • The option for Shortcuts needs to be then selected.
  • • The Instagram downloader shortcut then needs to be tapped so that the shortcut starts to run and download the selected video within just a few minutes.

o Method 2: This method involves the selection of the “Copy Link” tab from the video ellipsis; this saves the URL for the selected video onto the clipboard. Then the Shortcut tab needs to be clicked so that the video downloader is able to work its magic.

In fact using the above process and combining it with the Instagram photo downloader enables users to even download Instagram photos onto their iPhones. Thus the short cut is definitely something which is worth investing time.

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