How To Save Videos, Photos, Stories And Posts From Instagram

Summary: People constantly keep using the Instagram to upload videos, photos, stories and posts. Yet not many know how to download the same.

Instagram is a goldmine of videos, photos and stories. It is one of the social media app which enables a user to remain absorbed on their app for long hours and still the users don’t feel bored. Thus there are many such videos and photos which a viewer might like from the innumerable videos and photos that he/she watches. He/she may also want to download and repost it but since this social media website offers no official Instagram user album downloader, there is no way to download these videos unless one takes the help of third party tools.

There are many reasons for using such tools to save videos & photos from the Instagram, which may be:

  • • Creation of a personal album and mood board,
  • • Ensuring that a copy of all tagged photos are available on the camera roll of your Smartphone,
  • • Saving personal posts uploaded on Instagram so that even if the original file is lost, the data can be retrieved etc.

Thus in order to achieve the purposes mentioned above, it is third party sites like Instagram downloader which are of great help. Steps which need to be followed to download and save the content are:

  • • Download, install and launch the third party app.
  • • Search the relevant video or photo or story or post which one wants to download from Instagram.
  • • Copy the URL of the same.
  • • Paste the URL on the third party site so that the process of downloading starts.

It has been generally seen that irrespective of whether it is an Instagram profile pic downloader or a downloader for videos, photos etc., anything that is downloaded from Instagram is automatically saved within the third party app. Hence these downloaded videos, stories etc., need to be saved in local space in the device using the following steps:

  • • Check the third party site for 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  • • Click on the settings tab and then click on the tab for “Original Photos”.
  • • Then save the videos or photos downloaded with the help of the Instagram video downloader in local storage of the device.

Using this process content downloaded from Instagram can be saved onto an android device or iPhone. After these steps, the user would be able to view, share or repost the content.

You may even save up your favorite content on Instagram by bookmarking the same, so that you may download the same using Instagram photo downloader in the future. To bookmark a video or photo on Instagram, you need to tap on the bookmark icon available on the right lower corner of the screen of any post.

Other than photos and videos, one can also download the profile pictures and stories using an app like the Instagram story downloader. But stories, posts, videos or photos belonging to private IG accounts cannot be downloaded using any app.

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