How To Save Pictures From Instagram?

Instagram is a social media tool that offers unique facility of clicking the pictures while using the app. It is a media-centric tool that allows you posting pictures, videos and stories, etc. to share your personal experiences with the loved ones. Businesses and eminent personalities also use this platform to do promotional activities on the online platform. Explainer videos, GIFs, picture ads and stories, etc. are some of the tools that can be utilized the best way on Instagram.

With growth in technology, specialists come up with various solutions to let people enjoy the stuff on Instagram offline too. One such solution is the ability to save the pictures from Instagram so that these can be viewed in an uninterrupted manner on the device of the choice even when the internet connectivity is not available. This ability is provided by the Instagram downloader site

Saving pictures from Instagram using downloader

Saving pictures from Instagram is not a tough job. You can save pictures in any format as desired. Also, the target device can also be of your choice which you can use to create your personal collection or collage of pictures from Instagram. To save pictures from Instagram, you need following these steps:

  • a. Go to Instagram handle of yours or of any person of your choice.
  • b. Reach the picture you want to save.
  • c. Select the three vertical dots icon appearing on the picture.
  • d. Select the copy link option. It saves the link on the clipboard.
  • e. Now, you can log on to the website of Instagram downloader such as
  • f. The home page has the search bar where you can past the picture link
  • g. And click download.
  • h. Once downloaded, you can be given the choice to choose the format and the target device on which the picture is to be downloaded.

So, this is how you can download and save pictures from Instagram with no sweat. The advantage of using downloader is that you can visit any Instagram account and save pictures from there. The facility is not restricted to saving pictures only. The user can even download and save videos, pictures, GIFs and other media content from the handle. And, there is flexibility in choice of the platforms too. Apart from Instagram, the content from YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media accounts can be downloaded too.

Why use Instagram Downloader?

The purpose of Instagram Downloader is to provide easy and offline access to the content that interests users and is easily available over the social media accounts. The user’s identity is not revealed to the Instagram account holder if the content is downloaded and saved from other people’s handle. As far as saving content for offline access and creating a personal collection is concerned, there is nothing illegal about it. But for using the other people’s content for promotional purposes and further sharing, it is advisable to have the explicit content of the account owner in place.

So, switch to Instagram downloader if you do not want to get the fun spoilt due to fluctuating internet connection, or to lose data in viewing pictures and videos again and again.

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