How To Save Instagram Videos

Instagram and other social media accounts offer the users the facility to post stories which stay on the account only for 24 hours. This ephemeral nature of the feature leaves a pang in the heart of the users when they want the content to stay beyond the stipulated period. Also, many of the videos are of exceptional quality in terms of content and the way they connect with the viewer. Such high quality videos can now be downloaded in any format of the choice.

Before learning the procedure, let’s try to understand why it is desirable to save Instagram videos. Some of the important reasons are:

  • a. Saving videos allows users to view videos uninterruptedly. Many a times, the video streaming becomes pain due to poor internet connectivity. So, the access to videos becomes easy and fun and the very essence of the video’s content is not lost in buffering and slow internet speed.
  • b. When you save videos, you can access them on any device of your choice and whenever desired. Thus, you have your own collection of Instagram videos which you can enjoy while on the move.
  • c. As a business owner, a beautifully formed video is a great promotion tool. When you know what is connecting the best with the consumers, you can cash upon its popularity by using it again and also by sharing it one other social media platforms. Thus, saving videos allow the user to have some content always ready for re-sharing. This saves efforts by starting from the scratch every time.

Process of saving videos explained

Every Instagram video comes with a URL. You can find this URL by clicking the three vertical dots icon appearing on the post or video. Rest of the process is explained below:

  • a. Go to any Instagram account including yours and select the video.
  • b. Copy the video URL
  • c. Log on to the Instagram video downloader site
  • d. Past the URL in the search bar given on the website
  • e. Click Download.

Thus, you can get your favorite videos from Instagram on any device of your choice. The downloader also allows you saving the videos in the format compatible with your device. The best part about saving videos with downloader is that you can do this job anonymously and can do away with the process of getting permission. But, the video rights still remain with the creator, always remember that! So, use the downloaded videos only for personal purposes and to re-post. The users can also share the videos downloaded from Instagram on other social media platforms too.

The process of downloading stories that have videos is a bit different. The user needs to mention the username of the account holder whose story you want to download on the search bar of the downloader site. This is the only change to follow in downloading stories from Instagram.

So, videos of Instagram need not stay there only anymore. You can have a video library of your own by saving them on your devices, but paying attention to the legalities involved is highly recommended while propagating them further.

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