How To Save Instagram Stories On PC?

‘Stories’ has emerged as a popular social media element and has gained widespread traction on Instagram. What makes this feature unique and interesting is that it appears on the platform only for a period of 24 hours. You cannot view or access it after that. There are ways you can save Instagram Stories onto your PC and view them anytime you desire.

There are two ways in which you can save Instagram Stories on your PC.

1. Save the Web Page

This method is suggested to be used with the Firefox web browser.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • i. Open the Instagram story that you want to save.
  • ii. Right click on one side of the empty space in the rectangle that shows the story. This opens a context menu.
  • iii. Choose the option ‘save page as’ or ‘save as’. Firefox usually shows the option ‘save page as’.
  • iv.The ‘save as’ window will open up. Choose the location where you want the web page to be saved. Make sure not to edit the html extension of the filename. Select the option ‘web page, complete’ as the type of save.
  • v. Open your file browser. Usually, it is the file explorer.
  • vi. Navigate to the location where the web page has been saved.
  • vii. Look for the associated resource folder for the webpage. It contains images and scripts. It will have the same name as the webpage, but with the suffix ‘files’.
  • viii. Navigate to this resource folder.
  • ix. Sort the files based on type and choose the option to view them as extra-large icons.
  • x. Look for the thumbnail of the image from the story you are interested in.
  • xi. Once you have the image, the rest of the files in the resource folder can be deleted.

This is a simple and straightforward method to save Instagram Stories. There is no need to install any extensions. It may seem to be a little time-consuming method too.

2. Using Chrome Instagram Extension

Another way to save Instagram Stories is to use the Chrome Instagram Extension. It is referred to as the Chrome IG Extension. The steps involved are as follows:

  • • Download the extension
  • • Open Instagram. This will display Stories from everyone you are following.
  • • The Stories displayed on the top are from the extension and those on the right side are from Instagram.
  • • Search for the profile with the Story that you want to download.
  • • Click on the required Story avatar and choose the option save option.
  • • Save the Stories one at a time or all of them

This will download all the images and/or videos of the Story of the specific user in a zip folder. This extension also allows you to save Stories of private accounts. However, this feature is available only for people you are following.

So it is recommended to use the two above-mentioned methods to Save Instagram Stories on PC. The two methods offer are easy to use and can be used by anyone with basic IT skills.

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