How To Save Instagram Profile Picture On Android?

Instagram is widely popular and has almost every seventh person on the planet using it. Despite its widespread popularity, it makes it quite difficult to save photos. How many times it may have occurred to you that you came across a great profile picture and thought of saving it on your Android device.

While the photo-sharing app makes it difficult to save photos, there are ways you can save profile pictures.

Using Android Apps

There are different Android apps that can be used to save Instagram profile pictures

Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save

This is an excellent app for you if you want to save someone’s Instagram profile picture in high quality. This is a free to use app and allows you to both view and save profile pictures of Instagram profiles. The steps involved are simple:

  • • Enter the profile name you are interested in
  • • Tap on the option ‘get profile picture’
  • • The app runs a scan and fetches the image
  • • Tap on ‘save’ on the top right hand

The saved image can be viewed from the ‘gallery’ icon. This is an interesting app considering that it doesn't require you to first open the Instagram app.

Insta Big Profile Photo

This is a unique Android app that allows you to save profile pictures in high quality. Using it is simple. Just open the Instagram app and copy the URL of the profile picture and paste it into this app’s interface. Tap on the option ‘load it’ and the profile picture will appear in its full size. Instagram usually likes to keep all profile pictures in small sizes.

Profile Picture Download for Instagram

This is another straightforward and easy-to-use Android app for saving Instagram profile picture.

  • • Enter the profile name in the box on the top and tap on ‘search’
  • • It will display the profile picture on the screen
  • • Tap on the ‘download’ option at the bottom

The app saves the photo in your Android device’s Gallery.

Google Photos App

While the above-mentioned apps allow you to save profile pictures of other users, Google Photos is an app that allows you to save and backup your own Instagram profile pictures. The steps involved are as following:

  • • Open the Google Photos app
  • • Tap on the menu icon (3 lines icon) on the top left corner of the app
  • • Tap on the option ‘device folders’
  • • Locate the folder by the name of ‘Instagram profile pictures’
  • • Tap on the folder and enable backup and sync by using the toggle button on the top right corner

This will save the pictures to your Google Drive account. You can save all the profile pictures on your account without any limitations.

So follow these methods to save Instagram profile pictures on your Android device. Android is a versatile platform and allows you to access free-to-use apps. So you shouldn't have trouble finding the perfect app to save profile photos whenever you want.

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