How To Save Instagram Photos

Instagram is constantly buzzing with the activity. The users upload some or the other picture, video or story every minute making it possible for the visitors of Instagram to spend their whole day on the app without getting bored. While doing so, a moment definitely comes when you are tempted to save photos from Instagram for later viewing.

Things to know before saving IG photos

You must know that people have copyright over the content they post. Thus, if you are saving photos of other Instagram users without their consent, you might get sued. So, before you jump upon saving the Instagram photos, you must have the consent from the photo owner in an explicit manner. This can be considered as the first requisite for saving photos from Instagram.

Procedure for saving Instagram Photos

Okay, so you have understood the legalities attached to saving Instagram photos, nice! Now learn how actually it is done. Since there are no ‘Save Photo’ option provided in the Instagram account, it is required to understand the whole procedure for carrying out the activity. Also, you must know that you can click pictures directly using Instagram. So, these pictures originally clicked on Instagram may be required to be saved on some device or camera roll for the re-posting or future references. Explained here are various conditions and related procedures for saving Instagram Photos.

  • a.To get the original Instagram photos on the camera roll, all you need doing is making a small change in setting. Here is the path to reach that portion of settings where you require making a change. Go to Your Profile> Tap three horizontal lines icon>Settings>Original Photos. Once you reach here, you will find a feature ‘Save Original Photos’. Turn on this feature, if it is not on as yet. By doing this, all Original Instagram photos from your account are saved on to the camera roll directly and automatically.
  • b.Use Instagram downloader to create your own collection. This method requires you going to the downloader site. There you find the search bar on which you will paste the Instagram photo URL and then click ‘Download’. The Instagram pictures will be downloaded and saved instantly in the desired format in the device of your choice. This tool is helpful even when you are accessing the pictures from other people’s account. You can create a private collection of your own, but abstain from circulating the others’ pictures without getting the due permission.

Most important reasons for saving photos

As a brand owner, you may require collecting the pictures of the ads or posts that mentioned your brand. The publicity objectives can be met by saving the user-generated content that tags you in their content.

Sometimes, you can use the save photo activity for keeping tab on the competitors’ activity. You can save the photos to find the engagement level of the competitors and improve your own game basis the reports generated.

So, only stalking is not the reason why you need learning to save photos! Next time when you see something outstanding on Instagram and want to have it in your records, try using the methods mentioned above. You will find it hassle-free, for sure!

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