How To Download Instagram Videos On Android Phone

Summary: With Instagram being one of the most popular social media websites, it is natural for people to want to download videos from there. Let us see how to download those videos onto an android phone

In spite of being one of the most popular social media apps today, Instagram provides no option to download a story, a video or photo. In fact due to copyright and other legal issues associated with the distribution of content, there is no Instagram downloader available within the app itself. But there are many third party apps which enable users to download and save videos from instagram. However, the videos/content which belongs to a private account can never be downloaded.

Thus it is quite apparent that in order to download or save a video from the instagram onto an android device, one has to download an Instagram video downloader which is a third party app. Google Play Store will be the obvious choice to download such app. The app then needs to be downloaded and once it is installed, the user needs to:

  • • Search for the video: The user needs to search for and find out the Instagram video that he/she wants to download. Once the same has been found, the user needs to click on the three dots present on the screen’s upper right corner. The option which says “Copy Share URL” needs to be selected after this and the URL of the video needs to be copied.
  • • Open the Instagram downloader: After the user copies the URL, it needs to be pasted in the relevant place within the Instagram user album downloader or the Instagram downloader. For this open the third party app and the option which says “Paste share URL here” needs to be selected. Then using the paste option the copied URL of the video needs to be pasted onto the relevant space provided. Doing this automatically saves the video and the user gets a message confirming the same.
  • • Saving the video: This action helps the user to download a video from the Instagram onto the android device. The video can generally be found using the “Gallery” app and can be viewed or reposted anytime and anywhere as per the user wants or requires.
  • • Reposting the video: Third party apps like the Instagram photo downloader or the Instagram downloader etc., even enable users to repost downloaded videos by selecting the relevant option present there. The video then gets reposted onto the user’s Instagram account and can also be shared with friends and family.

Thus in the same way, stories can also be downloaded from an Instagram account onto an android device but by using an Instagram story downloader, which is different from the video downloader in certain small aspects.

In fact it is not only the videos, stories and photos which get downloaded using third-party applications. Even profile pictures can now be downloaded with the advancement of technology. Thus by using the Instagram Profile Pic Downloader, even profile pictures can be downloaded. This is truly an achievement since there are many profile pictures which are exceptional yet they get lost after the same is updated by the user.

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