How To Download Instagram Videos

Instagram users love to keep their followers updated about their latest happenings. Businesses that use this platform to promote products, services, etc. also leverage its audio visual media supporting features for connecting with the audiences better. One of the important features, i.e. stories, allows users to display their happenings better through videos. But, social media does not save the news feed in the same sequence all the time, and the stories also stay only for 24 hours. If locating old videos is a big mess, losing any story is another big pain. The users can enhance their experience by downloading Instagram videos that allow them to save their favorite videos on devices for offline viewing.

Downloading Instagram Videos simplified

There is no prompt like “download videos” available on Instagram. The users need to have some downloading tools handy for the job. They can browse internet for online downloaders available over the web. The process of downloading videos through these sites is simple. Main steps involve:

  • a.Visit the Instagram handle of own or others you are following
  • b.Copy the video URL
  • c.Open the video downloader tool by visiting site such as
  • d.Paste the video URL on the search bar
  • e.Click download.

These are the main steps involved in downloading videos. The downloaders may give you options of formats in which you want to view the video. The downloading on iPads and Apple computers is different from the Android. They need to use Command feature to complete the downloading process.

How to make use of downloaded videos

Other uses of downloading videos are:

  • a.Creating a personal video library
  • b.Using the offline collection of videos of competitors to understand user preference in the content quality in a better way
  • c.Sharing videos in other social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc.
  • d.Storing videos in formats suitable for your device
  • e.Watching videos offline for entertainment purposes
  • f.Using user-generated content to create an online promotion campaign
  • g.Re-posting videos to rekindle the charm created by its content

Legalities behind downloading Instagram videos you must know about

Downloading tools are simply offering a facility to help the users take the best advantage of their Instagram accounts. They, in no way, are suggesting use of other users’ content surpassing the copyrights covers. The rights to the videos on Instagram belong only to their creators and they may sue the downloader in the instance of plagiarism. So, one must know how to give credit where it is due while downloading videos from the Instagram accounts of other people.

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