How To Download Instagram Stories To PC Or Mobile?

Instagram in today’s world is a story album for the millennials. It captures moments, sceneries, actions, people, art, poetry, music, and whatnot in a span of nanoseconds and keeps it with you for as long as you want to see them. People talk of art and culture through Instagram. Art captured in stories is Instagram for you. Instagram is a hub-spot for more than 40 billion photos and videos with more than 90 million photos being shared every single day. At times, you want to view the stories later or use it as a phone wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper on your mobile or PC. So, how do you download Instagram stories on your PC or mobile?

Images or stories of the accounts you are following remain only for 24 hours, after that they are either stored in the ‘Highlights’ section of the account you are following or they disappear forever. There’s another way to store your stories, is by saving the video or GIF or image to your mobile library. But when you want to save other people’s stories, and in case you want to store them in your PC or mobile, what are the steps you need to follow? Let’s find out:

  1. StoryReposter: This app is available for iPhone users, who want to save stories over Instagram. You just need to give it access to your photo library and to the Instagram username you need to save the story from. It will take time if you are following too many people. You can share them Twitter and Facebook further if you like.

  2. StorySaver: With just one click, you are able to save Instagram stories. It saves stories directly to your device. The downloading process goes on in the background. You can share it with other social accounts like Twitter and Facebook and also share with your friends. You can repost the saved stories as well. You can also download too many stories at one time.

  3. StoryDownloader: Here, you just need to enter the Instagram username you want to download stories of. And, click on the button called ‘get stories’. You will find the stories in your PC. It is flexible, fast and reliable to use. It is also 100% secure and it can help you watch stories anonymously.

  4. Instagram DownloadrHere you just need to copy-paste the Instagram username you want to view and save and download stories of. Here, it is absolutely easy and trouble-free. You can save Instagram stories from various users and easily save them to your PC or mobile. It is absolutely free of cost. You don’t even need to register or log in here.

  5. Instaloadgram: Here, you need to open the Instagram account you want to download stories from and copy the Instagram username and paste it on the Instaloadgram input box and click on the ‘Get’ button. Then, you just need to click on the ‘Download’ button. You can save Instagram stories on your PC or mobile.

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