How To Download Instagram Stories

Instagram allows its users to update their accounts on a daily basis with stories. These stories are nothing but their statuses which can be pictures with thoughts, photos or videos. These statuses stay on the Instagram account only for 24 hours from the time they are uploaded. So, what should be done if you like the status, i.e., the story so much that you want it to stay with you offline too? The best suggestion is to download the story.

Downloading story is a bit different from downloading videos

When you download video, the path of action looks something like this: Visit the Instagram Account> Locate the Video> Go to Settings after clicking the right upper icon of three vertical dots> Choose ‘Copy Video URL’> Open Instagram Video Downloader site> Paste Video URL on the search bar> Click ‘Download.

But, when you want to download stories, you need to follow these steps:

  • a.Visit the instagram story downloader site
  • b.Paste the user name of the Instagram account holder whose story you want to download
  • c.Click download
  • d.The downloader will allow you choosing from videos, pictures, photos and stories of the Instagram account owner. Reach the content that you are looking for and then follow the same procedure as explained for downloading videos.
  • e.Save the content on the device of your preference in the format you want.

So, the steps of downloading content from an Instagram account depend on how you reach it. The process is simple, safe and quite data-efficient.

Need to download stories

The very first need is to have the story stored with you for longer time. It is like creating backup of the activity you do in Instagram. Since the downloaded story is now available offline, you get the chance to save the data every time you browse through your collection created using the downloader. Some influencers and stronger brands may use the user generated content for promoting their offerings and to let the wider circle know about their expertise. They can do so by downloading stories that mention the brand or personality in question.

Advantage of downloading story

You obviously won’t want to sound like a stalker by visiting somebody’s account every now and then to watch the story that impressed you. The simpler and easier solution will be to download the story to watch it as many times as desired without getting unwanted attention. Some users may use the popularity they gained on Instagram to influence and reach to the audience on other social media platforms. Downloading stories allows the users to have a copy of their status and repost it on all other social media accounts where they are active. So, like blogging, where you get the buttons to spread the blog to all relevant platforms, you can use download feature to do the same from Instagram.

The only word of caution is not to use other people’s content for serving your purpose. If required to do so, give the credit or follow the legal way to avoid copyright issues, which Instagram is very serious about.

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