How To Download Instagram Profile Picture For Free

There are a number of ways one can save Instagram videos and pictures quite easily. However, when it comes to the display picture of a user,we are at a loss on what to do. This is because clicking or holding on the DP produces no menu or action.

However, even an Instagram profile picture can be easily accessed and downloaded. Also, an Instagram DP is usually very small in size. But if you follow the methods below, you will be able to get these pictures in original size only, with full quality preserved.

The above-mentioned methods are of three types, as follows:

1. Web Browser: This technique is confined to the computer, since it requires us to access and use the source code of the Instagram profile whose display picture you wish to save. For this, first log into Instagram and search for the desired profile from the search bar on the top. Once you have found the page, open it. Now,right-click on the edge just outside the profile picture and click on the “Inspect”option from the drop-down menu. The developer console pane will open. Click on the arrow icon at the top-left of the pane. Over and click on the DP. A portion of the code should get highlighted. Right-click on the link within the double inverted commas after “src=” and click on the “Copy link address” option. Open a New Tab in the web browser, paste the link in the address bar and press Enter. The image will appear on the screen. Right-click on it, click on “Save image as…” and save the photo with a proper name.

2. Application: A large number of applications are available for both smartphones and computers for Instagram download of profile pictures from the profile URL or account username. For this, all you have to do is download and install the application on your device. Then, go to the desired Instagram page. Copy its URL or username, whichever required, paste it in the search bar of the application and press Enter. It will find the profile from Instagram and extract the DP for download. Unlike the first method, which only produces the picture in the size of the DP, this method will produce the it in the original size of the image.

3. Online Downloader: Many online Instagram downloaders are present whose only function is to extract DPs from Instagram profiles and ready them for download in the original size and quality as possessed by the account owner. It works in exactly the same manner as the downloader app. Many Instagram photo downloaders are also there that have this profile picture download feature integrated into them.

 Talking about great online DP downloaders, the Instagram Downloadr page is one of the best ones on the Internet right now. It is basically an all-in-one Instagram downloader that can download stories, videos, albums, IGTV videos, as well as profile pictures of Instagram accounts. It should definitely be tries out for a fluid experience.

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