How To Download Instagram Photos Without Eating Your Data

Instagram and various other similar applications have content that you would like to watch offline. But so much of content downloading directly from the application means data coming to end faster than you can imagine. Most of the downloading is done purely for entertainment and sharing purposes. So, why put data allowance for the day at risk, which could be useful for doing some other important work?

The solution to this issue comes best in the form of video and photo downloaders that are designed to offer fast, easy, data-efficient and above all, secured way of accessing Instagram photos.

To get the access to Instagram photos offline, you need to follow a few steps:

  • a. Open Instagram application and go to any account from where you want to download photos.
  • b. Go to the downloader website:
  • c. On the home page of downloader site, you can find a bar for pasting the Instagram photo link.
  • d. So, paste the Instagram photo URL on this bar and click ‘Download’.
  • e.You may be prompted to select the format in which photos are to be downloaded.
  • f.Select the target location and that is it!

Advantages of using Instagram downloader

The very first benefit is that the user of the downloader can get any photo from Instagram on their device instantly. Other advantages are:

  • a.It is compatible with all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and so on. Thus, you need not make any special arrangements for using the downloader.
  • b.It is free from any kind of malware and is tested, too, on all safety parameters. Therefore, by using downloader, you are just accessing the photos and not the potential bugs or bloatware.
  • c.It can also be downloaded as the browser extension which helps making the process faster. You even need not login to the website to get the photos as extension offers you access without requiring going to the downloader website.
  • d.The downloader fetches you all the photos offline; also, your identity is not revealed to the Instagram account holder whose photos you are downloading.
  • e.You can select the desired format in which you want to save photos. Also, you are free to select the device on which you desire to create the photo album.
  • f.The data consumed is only that which is required for opening the downloader website. Since the photos are downloaded and are available offline, you can watch the photos as many times as desired and without consuming data each time.

So, install the Instagram photo downloader today to get the easy access to anybody’s photos. This downloader allows you to download and store photos from others’ accounts including those of celebrities. And, you do not appear in the viewer’s list too, when you access the downloaded photos. Many work profiles need a collection of photos to create stories and tributes. Use the downloader to make the job easy. So, surprise your beloved with your efforts in making her collage by choosing her best pictures from the Instagram account.

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