How To Download Instagram Photos Or Videos On Your IPhone?

Instagram in today’s world is a photo album for the millennials. It captures moments, sceneries, actions, people, art, poetry, music, and whatnot in a span of nanoseconds and keeps it with you for as long as you want. People talk of art through Instagram. Art captured in photos is Instagram for you. Instagram is a hub-spot for more than 41 billion photos and videos with more than 96 million photos being shared every day. At times, you want to view the photo later or use it as a phone wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper on your device. So, if you are an Apple user or an iPhone user, how do you download Instagram photos on your iPhone?

  1. Go for websites which help you download Instagram photos - Instagram Downloader is a website which helps you download Instagram photos on your iPhone. Not just photos, but also videos, images, profile pictures and stories for absolutely 0 % charges on your part. You just need to copy-paste the link of the Instagram photo you want to download and click on the download button.

  2. Fall for apps like Repost Quick for Instagram - You can save the Instagram photos instantly. It preserves the pixel quality of an Instagram photo. You need to log into the account and you will get 5 coins for 5 photographs, then you have to pay for more coins. It has too many advertisements as well, but if you want a quick download, you can buy more coins and get it.

  3. Another way is through Gramsave - This is by far the simplest way of downloading Instagram photos quickly without any requirement of log-ins. You just need to open the Gramsave portal, and copy-paste the photo URL and click on the download button. In a few seconds, your Instagram photos will be downloaded and saved to your iPhone.

  4. Try saving Instagram photos through Screen Capture - This is the fastest, easiest, and chargeless way of downloading and save Instagram photos to your phone. You just need to get to the picture you want to save and click on the Power and Home buttons of your iPhone at the same time. You will instantly find a screenshot on your device.

  5. One more would be InstaSave - This is a free app for all Instagram users. You can download Instagram photos with just one click. You do not need to log in. It is one of the fastest and quickest applications for iPhone users to download Instagram photos. It can save multiple photos at one time. You just need to copy the link of the Instagram photo you need to download.

To conclude, go for an amazing online tool like Instagram photo downloader which can work for any device, and can download photos from any private Instagram account as well. It can also view anyone’s profile picture on Instagram in full size. You can view the downloaded photos any time in your device.

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