How To Download Instagram Photos On PC?

Instagram is the largest photo-sharing application. With over a billion monthly active users, it drives one of the highest user engagements. Despite its popularity as a photo and video-focused social media platform, Instagram doesn't allow you to save images. While you can always take a screenshot, it doesn't ensure the highest of quality. Besides, you will have to crop the image once you have saved it.

So how do you download Instagram photos on your PC without having to use the screenshot method?

There are three different ways to go about it.

1. Using Google Chrome

  • • Open your Chrome browser and log into your Instagram account
  • • Open the image you want to download
  • • Click on the image and then right click on it
  • • You will see the option ‘view page source’ in Google Chrome (there are similar page source options on other browsers as well)
  • • Use the find function using ‘control + F’ and type ‘jpg’ and press ‘enter’
  • • Look for the first text highlighted as ‘jpg’
  • • Copy the URL containing the text and paste in a new tab in the address bar in the browser and press ‘enter’

This will show the photo in its full resolution. Right click on the image and choose the ‘save image as’ option.

2. Using Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox, it is recommended to use the following steps to download Instagram photos on your PC:

  • • Log into your Instagram account
  • • Open the profile or page where you want to download the photo from
  • • Click and open the image you want to download
  • • Right click anywhere on the page and select the option ‘view page info’
  • • Select the option ‘media’
  • • This will open the ‘address’ panel
  • • Scroll down to the last image and click on it
  • • The image will appear in ‘media preview’
  • • Look for the option ‘save as’ on the top right and click on it
  • • Provide a location on your PC to save the photo and click on ‘save’

This will save the image on your system and you can access it without any limitations. If you are using some other web browser, it is likely that it will provide another option for viewing page source when you right click on the page with the photo.

3. Using Apps

While these are a little complex methods for downloading images from the photo-sharing app, you can also use dedicated applications for the purpose. Such apps allow you to save photos one at a time or in bulk. Usually, there are different applications for downloading single and multiple photos.

Instagram prevents users from downloading photos for so many reasons. This includes reasons like privacy and copyright issues among others. However, if you come across celebrity or other photos that you like, you can consider saving them on your system for noncommercial use. So consider the above-mentioned methods for downloading the photos.

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