How To Download Images From Instagram On PC & Android Phone

Instagram has come a really long way in the world of social media, starting as a fledgling, photo-sharing app to an immensely popular, visual media-sharing platform that hosts and makes celebrities. However, one feature it has adamantly kept off the books is that of an instant download feature. 

Even today, we have to resort to other measures to save Instagram videos and pictures in the local memory of our device. Instagram can be accessed both as an app on a smartphone as well as through its website in the web browser in both phones and PCs. As such, downloading Instagram pictures in the two devices work differently in many ways.

These differences have been pointed out below:

  • PC: There are three basic methods by which we can download pictures from Instagram in a computer.The first is via the web browser itself, without using any softwares or resources. All you have to do is open Instagram, go to the profile containing the picture you want to download, and click on the image. It will be shown over the rest of the page. Right-click anywhere and click on “View page source”. In the new tab that appears,press Ctrl+F and search for “jpg”. Copy the first URL it appears in, that is put after “content=” between inverted double commas. Paste it in the address bar of a new tab and press Enter. The image will appear on the screen; right-click and press “Save image as…”. Save the image accordingly.
    You can also use an Instagram photo downloader application from the Internet, or an online Instagram downloader for the purpose. The two cases are quite similar in the chronological order of actions that must be taken to try them. In both cases, the user has to copy the link of the image and paste it in the search bar of the downloader. Now press Enter and download the image that appears.

  • Smartphone: Smartphones usually have the Instagram app, and that is where the main differences between downloading in a PC and in a smartphone arise. However the last two steps are pretty much common. Here too, one has to open the image post and copy its link, then open the downloader, paste the link in its search bar and press Enter. When the image appears, click on Download, or the download may occur automatically too.
    You can also use a background app for Instagram in your phone whereby copying the of the post will initiate the download itself. This is by far the easiest method for Instagram download of images. Of course, if you are too lazy, you can just run a screen recorder to record the playing of the video.

Thus, downloading pictures of Instagram has become extremely easy nowadays. Every site is trying their best to provide users with a better experience, and give better quality files. Of these, one site which has emerged as quite popular in the world! It is the Instagram Downloadr. It has been widely reviewed by Instagram users with mostly five stars. Its easy-to-use UI and versatility makes up its major pros.

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