How To Download IGTV Videos?

Technological advances have enables social media apps like Instagram, Facebook etc., to provide many additional features to its users. One such feature provided by Instagram is to enable its users to create channels of their own and also share videos. This feature is known as IGTV and its broadcast is available for all Instagram users to view from within the app.

But while Instagram itself does not allow a user to download these videos, a user can download the same using a third party tool i.e. IGTV downloader if s/he wants to. The steps involved in the same are:

Link to the video: This can be got from the Instagram itself by:

  • Open IGTV
  • Select the channel
  • Select the video that s/he wants to download
  • While watching it, 3 dots appear on the video itself
  • Tap on those 3 dots and select the ‘Copy Link’ option from the menu.

That’s how you can copy the link of the video.

Selecting IGTV downloader tool: A third party tool which enables to download IGTV videos. Browse an IGTV video downloader tool on Google and select the one which is free, fast and malware free.

Downloading the video: Once the link of the IGTV video is copied, just paste it on the text bar of this tool and click on the ‘download’ button. You will be able to save IGTV video in its original quality.

This is how IGTV videos can be downloaded from the Instagram app and later on played as per convenience by the user.

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