How To Download And Save Photos And Albums From Instagram

When you need to create back up of your activity on Instagram account, you can consider using Instagram User Album Downloader. It allows you saving all the content of your or any other Instagram account in one go.

Instagram is heaven for those who love clicking photos and shooting videos of the activities they do. It is like an online record of the life you are living (if you stay active on it every day). The tool has become the first choice of the celebrities and other important people who are living their lives under a scanner. They use it to give full view of their lives to the fans and followers. However, people from other walks of life are also drawn towards it because of its sheer brilliance and user-friendliness. The tool is used by businesses for promotion and to create and share user guides and helpful explainer videos. 

To access your or any other Instagram account’s content, you need not stay glued to an internet connection anymore. There is an Instagram story download tool available that helps you have an offline copy of all the content of any Instagram account that you come across or follow religiously. You can download photos, stories, videos, or the complete user album in one go using this tool. 

How to use Instagram User Album Downloader

Using Instagram User Album Download tool does not require a degree in Engineering or special computer software. All you need is an internet connection and the ability to click a few buttons and to copy-paste the URLs. This download tool is nothing but a website just like you come across many over the web. It has a text bar or action bar where you are supposed to paste the Instagram profile URL. You can use this tool by following these steps:

  • 1. Go to Instagram 
  • 2. Reach to the Instagram account by using search feature or the profile URL, if available with you.
  • 3. Copy the Instagram Profile URL
  • 4. Go to Instagram photo downloader site
  • 5. Paste the URL on the action bar given there 
  • 6. Click download

The complete activity of the Instagram account chosen by you is displayed on the page once you click download. It works real fast and you do not devote more than few seconds to get the content on the Instagram download tool page. You can select one or many or all of the posts and click download to complete the process. The tool may ask you to select the quality or format of file in which you want the content to be saved in your device. You choose the desired format and also choose the target location. This completes the process. Isn’t it simple enough to try right away?

Utility of an Instagram download tool

The instagram downloader offers you the facility to create a back up of the work that you have done in your Instagram account over years. Thus, your back up can act as the soft copy of the work that can work as an impressive portfolio of the work you have done. Besides this, the user can create a personal album of the pictures and save Instagram videos that are close to the heart or has special meaning to you.

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