How To Download And Save IGTV Videos On Various Devices

IGTV is a video sharing application that can be used in tandem with main Instagram account. Its videos can now be downloaded on the devices like mobile phone, Mac or Windows PC with the help of an Instagram video downloader.

IGTV is an enhancement feature in Instagram that helps its users to have video creating and sharing facility. This app is Instagram’s solution to the users who are habitual of using Youtube for the creation of video based posts. The videos of IGTV can now be downloaded on the device that you are comfortable using. These videos can be viewed offline in the device where you have saved the content.

Stepwise procedure for using IGTV Video Downloader

The user can save Instagram videos in the device when online and then view them later. The videos can also be embedded as a link in the post that you create for other social media platforms. The videos from IGTV can be downloaded by using the source code or an Instagram video downloader.

Saving IGTV videos using source code

  • a. Right click on the video of IGTV that you want to download
  • b. Select Inspect element which takes you to the source code
  • c. Find .mp4 using Ctrl+F
  • d. Copy the link after ‘src=’
  • e. Paste it on the new tab. The video appears in the new tab.
  • f. Right click over the video to select ‘Save video as’
  • g. Select the destination in the Mac/Windows PC where you want to save the video, click ‘Save’.

This is how the IGTV video can be saved in the device with the help of the source code and on both Mac and Windows PC.

Saving IGTV videos using online downloader

If you find the source code method quite cumbersome, you can simply use an Instagram photo downloader. This is nothing but a website that can be opened simultaneously in the tab other than the one where you have opened Instagram application. The process is simple and quite fast. It does not involve any software installation. Important steps are:

  • a. Type Instagram download tool’s address in one tab
  • b. In another tab, open the Instagram video or IGTV app
  • c. Select the video you want to see and download
  • d. Click the three dots on the lower right side of the video
  • e. Select Copy Link or Copy URL
  • f. Paste the URL on the action bar provided in the download tool tab
  • g. Click ‘download’
  • h. Select the format in which you want to download video, such as HD, SD, etc.
  • i. Also, select the file type like MP3 or MP4 if you want to save videos in the audio file format.

This is all you need to do to download Instagram or IGTV videos. The process allows you creating a library of your own when you want to view the videos offline or during travel. The content creators use the downloaded videos to edit further and make more content material off it. The downloaded videos saved in a library also work as good source for content for preparing other consumables like GIFs, short videos, memes etc.

So, go to the video downloader site and see for yourself how easy it is to use. It can be used to download videos from other social media tools like Tumblr, Vimeo, Facebook, and so on.

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