How Can I Download Old Instagram Stories?

All Instagram stories get disappear automatically after 24 hours. To download stories which are posted in last 24 hours, you may use ‘Instagram story download’ feature of ‘Instagram Downloadr’. However, to download stories which have disappeared after being live for 24 hours, you need to visit ‘Archives’ section in your IG profile because such stories get stored in ‘Archives’ and one can find it by following below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram profile within the IG application.
  • Step 2: A ‘Rewind’ icon is present on the top right-hand side of the screen. This contains all posts and stories that have been archived.
  • Step 3: On selection of the icon, a drop-down list appears with the tab ‘Archive Stories’ wherein the user is able to see all his/her expired Instagram stories which have crossed the live-time of 24 hours.

Once these stories are found, the user has below options to perform:

  • •Re-share these stories on your profile
  • •Add these as a ‘Highlight’ on your profile
  • •Download it on your device
  • •Share the story with the other IG users

Yes, no need of an Instagram downloader to download the expired IG stories. However, to perform any of the above tasks, the user has to tap on the story s/he wants to act upon. Tapping on the story will enable the user to view it along with certain options which appear at the bottom of the screen like:

  • •Share: The story gets shared
  • •Down Arrow Icon: This helps to download the story
  • •Send To: This sends the story to the person the user wants to share it with

That’s how a user can view and download any of his/her expired IG stories easily. One doesn’t need to use ‘story saver for Instagram’ feature of ‘Instagram Downloadr’ to do the same. However, a user can view & download only his/her own expired stories.

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