How Can I Download Instagram Videos Online?

Instagram videos have seen a phenomenal growth in the last couple of years. With a goldmine of videos available most users feel the need to download videos Instagram and to:

  • Share it with their friends, family, and followers,
  • Remix the video to come up with a version of their own or
  • Save the video for watching later on.

But in order to download and save the device on a user’s device s/he has to follow certain steps like:

Copy the URL: Copy the URL of the IG video which needs to be saved. Open the video in the Instagram app. Now click on the ‘Share’ button on the upper right hand screen corner and then click on ‘Copy Link’.

Paste the URL: Search for an Instagram Video Downloader tool on Google. Select the one which is free, fast and malware free. Paste the Instagram video URL in the text box on this tool. Hit the ‘download’ button.

Download Video: You will be able to save Instagram videos in its original format, size and quality. If you wish to change its format or re-size it, you need to use a respective tool for it. There are many such tools to do so which you can search over Google.

Download unlimited IG videos on your device for viewing, sharing or re-sharing later on. Don’t use such content for commercial purposes.

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