How Can I Download And Save A Video From Instagram?

There are times when a viewer like a video posted on Instagram so much that s/he wants to share it with his/her family, friends and followers. But Instagram does not allow posted videos to be downloaded. However, there are many download video Instagram sites or apps available which enable you to save Instagram videos:

  • Downloading an Instagram video from its copied link,
  • Converting it into the required format like Mp4 and
  • Downloading and sharing it either immediately or at a later time.

Some of the popular third party apps which can be used are:

Video Downloadr: Both videos and photos can be downloaded using this app. The process, itself, is very simple and the videos downloaded can either be saved or reposted. It also keeps in storage a history of all the URLs that have been copied and pasted. Thus keeping a track of a video becomes easier.

PostGraber: This is another website which can be used to download both videos and photos present in an Instagram post. In fact it is very helpful for downloading posts even if a number of videos have been shared in the same post.

Repostly: This is a tool which does not allow downloading of videos onto the camera role but enables users to repost them.

InstantSave: This video downloading app might not be very fancy to look at or elegantly made up but nevertheless, it is an excellent app for downloading videos from the Instagram.

Almost all of these Instagram Video Downloaders are free and can be used from the browser without downloading them. But it depends on the user as to which app s/he wants to use for the same.

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