Can I See & Save Archived Instagram Stories Of An Instagram Account?

Instagram is progressing like a newly-discovered disease. With its amazing features like the stories, photos, videos, and IGTV videos, it is capturing everybody’s attention span and time. Instagram is slowly becoming a garment factory providing too many products from too many vendors at cheaper and affordable rates for too many customers. Brands post Instagram photos or videos on an average of 1.5 times a day.

More than 500 million people use Instagram photos and videos on a daily basis. The very famous heart or the like button is hit almost 4200 million times on a daily basis. Mostly, youngsters use Instagram who are between the ages 18 to 29, and who need fast-pacing downloads, and websites that can download multiple Instagram photos, videos, IGTV videos that too for free. They also say 1 in 4 active users who are from Gen Z actively watch stories of products they intend to buy.

Instagram photos and videos can be stored on your device as well as on your computer, or they could be shared with your followers or whoever you want to share them it. You can straightaway go for websites or applications which help you download and save Instagram photos and videos to your computer, freely and easily. If you post Instagram photos with locations, you might get more engagement for your posts. ‘11’ can be your magic number if you use it with a hash tag.

These are many ways that can help you see and save Instagram stories of an Instagram account as archives on your mobile device over the internet for free of cost. Instagram stories disappear in 24 hours, and before they disappear, you should refrain from deleting your own story, as it will not be saved in your archives. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Easiest way: In order to save an archived story of an Instagram account, you need to tap on a photo, hit on the ‘MORE’ button, and then tap on ‘SAVE PHOTO’ or ‘SAVE VIDEO’. Your story will get archived instantly to your default photo library on your mobile phone.
  2. Instagram setting #1: You need not necessarily archive your Instagram stories, as there is already an option called Stories Archive in the Settings of your Instagram account. You can turn it on, and your stories get archived. And if you don’t want to archive your stories, you can turn it off any time you like.
     Steps include:
    1. Settings-----> Privacy-----> Story
    2. Save to Archive-----> tap on the ‘ALLOW’ button
  3. Instagram setting #2: There is another way of saving your Instagram stories using the ‘ARCHIVE’ feature.
     Steps include:
    1. Settings-----> Story Controls
    2. Saving -----> Turn on the ‘SAVE TO ARCHIVE’ button.

You need to make sure this button stays on for a long time, if it was turned off, then, unfortunately, your Instagram stories did not get archived. Make sure it is always turned on.

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