Best Ways To Download IG Story

Instagram is growing like a new-found virus. With its addicting applications like the story, photos, videos, and IGTV videos, it is gripping every youngster’s attention span. More than 400 million people use the IG story feature on a daily basis. Stories can be stored on your device, or they could be shared with your followers or whoever you want to share them it. The popular platform of Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it could also be shared with your Facebook friends. The story feature has been picked up from the famous platform of Snapchat.

IG stories last only for a day, that is 24 hours, after that, they disappear. Hence, here are some tactful ways to help you to download IG stories. Let’s find out, shall we?

  1. ‘SAVE’ option: If you want to download your own IG stories, you can click on the three dots which appear on the lower right corner of your story, and click on the ‘SAVE VIDEO’ button. And, your IG story be it a photo or a video gets downloaded into your device in the easiest and safest and fastest way possible. But this doesn’t work for other people’s stories.
  2. Storiesig: Here you need not install anything; it is a simple application which can help you download IG stories and Highlights easily and quickly. You can also view stories of other users anonymously. You can gladly share stories on different social media platforms. You just need to enter the IG username and click on the ‘GO’ button.
  3. Instagram Downloadr: Here you just need to copy-paste the IG username of whose story you want to download and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button and the IG story gets downloaded into your device immediately. You can download IG stories from various IG users here. It is absolutely free of charges and you need not even hurt your fingers to login or sign up here.
  4. StorySaver App: Here you can download IG stories in just 3 steps. You just need to login and this application will automatically save your IG stories.It gets easily saved into your device, you can also repost on Instagram as well as share on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media platform. You can also easily delete, explore and share IG stories here.
  5. Igstorie: Igstorie is an online web application where you can download and watch IG story and highlights anonymously and for absolutely free of charges. Here, you just need to copy-paste the Instagram username in the text box and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. It also lets you download photos and videos on Instagram.
  6. IG Stories for Instagram Extension: You can add IG stories for the Instagram extension on your Chrome browser and download IG stories and also view them on your PC desktop. It only works for the Windows operating system. You can watch live videos here. They recently added a new feature called ‘SAVED LIVE’ where you can view live videos from the main user page.
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