10 Best & Free Instagram Downloaders For PCs

The essence of Instagram is sharing pictures & videos. Did you know that Instagram users hit the like button over 4.2 billion times in a day? That's big! And this figure is just on the rise. The popularity of Instagram is huge and considering it owned by Facebook, it's going to go uphill always.

And while we love Instagram and enjoy the vast number of content it provides, few of its features doesn't make sense. Like Instagram doesn't allow its users to download their favorite videos or photos on their smartphones or PCs.

But fortunately there are hacks available to beat this obsolete limitation. And that can be done by using Instagram downloader websites. They are fast, efficient, free, and easy-to-use. We have included 10 of our favorite Instagram downloader websites below that you can use on your PC:

  1. Instagram Downloadr - A very effective website that helps you to download unlimited number of Instagram videos, audios and photos on your PC instantly. It is quick to use, supports all types of browsers and doesn't require you to sign up or create a profile.
  1. 4K Stogram - 4K Stogram is meant for downloading Instagram pictures on your PC and is available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows computers. You can type the relevant location, hash tag or username to find the picture you are looking for. Click on the download button to save it on your PC. It's only drawback? The website can't be used to save video files.
  1. DownloadGram - This is a web based downloader that allows you to download Instagram pictures and videos straight to your PC. DownloadGram comes with minimal ads and has a user-friendly interface.
  1. InstaSave - Next pick on our list is another website which can download numerous Instagram videos and photos for you. It doesn't require you to download the app and is user-friendly but comes with a lot of ads and that can prove to be a downer for lots of people. 
  1. DownloadRank - By using this tool, you can directly download content on your PC from your Instagram feed. It simplifies the download process but you can only download up to 30 videos and pictures at a time, so choose wisely. 
  1. GramBlast - Another website that allows you to download Instagram storypicture and videos easily on your PC. The website has a quick interface, downloads the content quickly and comes with limited advertisement which is a relief.
  1. PostGraber - If you are tired of downloading one content at a time, Postgraber would download several files at once for you. It is a simple to use website, fast and comes with user-friendly features.
  1. Regrammer - Want to download as well as re-share pictures and videos? Then Regrammer is the right website for you. You also get the option to share the videos and pictures even without downloading them. The only downside is that this website only works for computers running on iOs software. 
  1. Winx Youtube Downloader - Don't get misled by the name, this website downloader works as efficiently on Instagram as it does on YouTube. Select the video(s) or picture(s) you wish to download, click on the Add link button and then the Download button. The files will be downloaded instantly.
  1. Free Instagram Download - As the name clearly suggests, this desktop based software allows you to download & save Instagram videos and that too for free. You also get here customized download settings which you can select according to your preferences. 
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